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Forum Sign-Up Steps

1. Go to the Sympatico Forums Index page and click on Register.

2. Click on Sign Up Now to go to the next page.

3. Choose a NEW username and password, then fill in the rest of the page. Click on Continue. (if the new username and/or password you chose has already been used by someone just change it to something else or add a couple of numbers to it.) Please note that this new username & password will be used to access the Sympatico webmail, Instant Messaging and Tripod webspace that you can use once you've signed-up, but will not be used to log in to the Forums.

4. On this next page choose some of your interests , leave in the checkmarks for the next two options if you do want special offer emails. If not, uncheck them. Then at the bottom of the page you will be given an Activation Code Number. In the blank box type in the 6 digit number you see there. Now click on Submit this Form.

5.This is the tricky and important page. You will see Choose A Communities Nickname. If you want to use an OLD Log In name that you've used for years, just type it exactly as you always used to in one of the empty New Nickname spaces. Click on ADD NICKNAMES. If you don't already have an old log in name, choose a new one, but it must be different from the one you chose at the beginning of this process.

6.This is for those wishing to use an OLD Log in name : because your old nickname is "already used" you will be asked to give your OLD password to verify that the name is really yours. After you do that your old nickname will be added to your Communities Nicknames List.

7. Go to the Forum you want and click on the Login button. A new page comes up with your nickname list on it. Click on your old (or new) log in name and you will be logged in. You need to be logged in before you post or your post will be lost.

Created by Charmaine V.d.Eynden
A Community Leader of,
Sympatico Fibromyalgia, CFS & MPS Forum
April 10, 2002.